How to start losing weight

ACTION REQUIRED……………….. – How to start losing weight

  You ever get an email with a subject like this?   Probably had a few this week because of GDPR.   Designed (like all subject lines are) to make you stop and open it.   Not to scroll past, thinking it’s spam.   They usually are spam.   But you’re more likely to at…

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GDPR innit! Useful stuff in here too, promise :) – Weight loss preparation

  You’ve probably had a lot of emails recently about GDPR.   The General Data Protection Regulation that comes into affect tomorrow.   This is partially us telling you about our (slightly) updated policies and GDPR compliance (check if you so desire).   But I’m sure you know I wouldn’t just send you a…

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Long term weight management

“Why are there more ex-members Daddy?”- Long term weight management

  I’ve mentioned before in these blogs that our retention is pretty good compared to the industry average for what we offer.   But that people do, of course, leave.   Less than 5% a month on average.   Which also means 95% plus stay even thought there’s no tie in.   Everywhere has leavers.…

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How MyFitnessPal Helps

“Just use Google Maps” – How MyFitnessPal helps

  Imagine you’re out walking.   Somewhere remote.   You happen across a friend.   They’re lost.   Been wondering around for days.   They think that they kinda know the way home.   But it doesn’t seem to be quite happening.   In conversation, you ascertain they’ve got their phone on them.   It…

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Small changes for weight loss

Stream > storm – Small changes for weight loss

  I was driving over the Cat and Fiddle the other day.   For non local readers it’s the nickname of the A537 road between Macclesfield and Buxton.   I didn’t run over the dish and spoon’s mates if that’s what you were worried about ;).   I glanced down into the valley as we…

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value of personal training

The marine found it harder – The value of personal training

  I mentioned the other week that I’ve been recently on day’s training with my coach in Newcastle.   #### Remember, if someone who’s suggesting they coach you doesn’t have a coach / coaches themselves it means that either they have every aspect of their life absolutely flying (unlikely) or they don’t believe in coaching…

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weight loss energy balance

Business is simple……….. – Weight loss energy balance

  What is the one thing that is more important than anything else in ensuring that a business is able to continue?   It’s that Money in > Money out.   Over time.   Sure, there’s loads factors to consider.   Loads of different ways to achieve this.   Tonnes of things to think about…

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Personal Training Mindset

Stop tomorrow? Change personal training mindset

  Have you ever put something off till tomorrow?   I’m sure we all have.   “I’ll get back to the gym tomorrow”   “I’ll start the diet again on Monday”   And so on.   With tomorrow never quite coming.     Change Personal Training Mindset   What if we tried the opposite. Changing…

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simple exercise advice

Not a single one said “Go for a run” – Simple exercise advice

  Speaking of running (yesterday’s blog)…………   As you may also be, I’m in a number of ‘groups’ on Facebook.   Some personal, some work related.   Some of those groups open to anyone, some part of paid programmes I / we are part of.   There’s one free one I’m in for UK based…

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Born Survivor

It’s who you have to become………. – Born Survivor

  So, it was Born Survivor again this last Saturday.   An annual, outdoor obstacle course mud run event at Capesthorne Hall held each year.   Something that for the average person who joins here is probably the last thing they ever thought they’d consider doing.   But that they become strangely drawn to when…

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