Personal Training in Cheshire

2nd best results in Cheshire? Personal Training in Cheshire

  You may or may not have seen that Ultimate Performance have opened up a new club at Alderley Park this week.   If you haven’t heard of them, UP are renowned as one of, if not the, best group of Personal Training gyms in the world.   For many years I’ve felt we’ve produced…

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Simple weight loss solutions

He just wasn’t logged in – Simple weight loss solutions

  For those of you that haven’t been down to The Academy yet (what are you waiting for, here’s the link –> we have a TV mounted on the wall in the seating area.   He’s called TED – there’s a picture of a ninja bear as the background.   TED shows that day’s…

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Structured Personal Training in Macclesfield

You can join there any time……. – Structured personal training in Macclesfield

  Most of you will know that we ran a one off offer through June for the July intake.   We’ve invested a lot of money in coaching / training and our new body composition analysis machine.   Spent everything in the tax account 🙁   So needed a little bit of growth to help…

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When are you ready for weight loss?

Sandy wasn’t ready – When are you ready for weight loss?

  I saw this check in on Facey the other day.     From new ninja Sandy on arrival for an early morning session.   “After sitting with the AA till 00:30 I’m not ready for this!”   Which I thought was great.   Not ready.   But still there.   The thing is though,…

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weight loss effort

They just didn’t want it badly enough…….. – Weight loss effort

  So, the World Cup is over.   A great performance by the England team.   Got further than most expected.   Some quality football and great effort all round.   What was nice to see was the reaction when we lost to Croatia on Wednesday.   Nearly all positive and happy.   The boys…

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Mixing exercise and drinking

You can still drive it hard – Mixing exercise and drinking

  You ever seen one of those memes with the following (usually slightly misquoted) Hunter S Thompson quote   “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up,…

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sub-optimal training

It’s never good – Sub-optimal training

  How many days old are you?   If you’re reading this blog you’re likely to be somewhere between 7,000 and, maybe, 30,000 days old.   Out of all those days, how many would you say your training and nutrition were ‘perfect’.   However you may define ‘perfect’.   You ate and drank absolutely spot…

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Becca came 7th :) – Personal training aims

  Got a great post in our members only Facebook group the other day.   From long term ninja Becca;   “I did the Congleton Park Run this morning and it was hard as l’m not a natural runner. I struggled in the heat. I was so worried about being last. I was 189th out…

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Slimming Club Points

It could be called Murderball too……. – How slimming club points work

  Last Thursday I went, as a parent helper, with my eldest son’s class to watch England vs. Spain at Wheelchair Basketball at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield.   I had worked 16 hours on Monday (and usually do 12+) so didn’t feel too guilty about taking a half day off.   I…

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Make time for exercise

This is what busy looks like – Make time for exercise

  We’ve mentioned many times that we’ve noticed a change over our time in the Fitness Industry.   More and more the reasons given for not doing something is time.   When I started as a fresh faced FitPro over 16 years ago, time was one of a number of reasons someone might give for…

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