Is it Harder to Lose Weight When You're Older?

“I’m on the train that gets in at…….” – Is it harder to lose weight when you’re older?

  I’ve mentioned before that, since the family and I moved house a few months ago, we’re trialling running just the one car.   Rarely before were both cars in use at the same time.   So it’s more a case of coordinating our movements so we take it in turns with the car or…

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It doesn’t matter – How to achieve fitness goals

  You’re either aware or may have seen on Facebook that we’ve recently introduced a prize for Ninja Team of the Week.   Years ago we ‘gamified’ what we do to make it more fun and rewarding.   Everyone can score points by doing the things that will get them results.   They can ‘level…

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long term fitness results

How to make your life like a lab – Long term fitness results

  I’ve mentioned a few times recently how that, when calorie matched there is no difference (from a weight loss perspective) between different diets / ways of eating and different types of exercise.   Ie: Points, Intermittent Fasting, Slimming World, Atkins, etc all preform the same when calories in vs. calories out are matched.  …

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exercise and healthy eating planning

It actually saves us time – Exercise and healthy eating planning

  Every Tuesday morning, I take Charlie, my 15 month old son to Tumble Tots.   We’ll be just finishing up as you get this ๐Ÿ™‚   We have to go to the one at Wilmslow Leisure Centre as it’s the only time we can make work.   Anyone who’s ever been there will know…

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Start Exercising Again

S Club knew – It’s difficult to start exercising again

  Back when I was in the second year at Uni (nearly 20 years ago ๐Ÿ™ ) my house mates and I rather enjoyed watching the S Club 7 programmes Miami 7 and L.A. 7.   Sad I know.   I think it was mainly because we fancied Rachel.   In fact, surely that could’ve…

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Exercise Preparation

Where it will be won or lost – Exercise preparation

  I mentioned on Tuesday that I’m doing the Wilmslow half marathon on Sunday.   When you work in fitness, people assume you’ve always been good at sports and in great shape.   Probably the case for most FitPros, but not for me.   I was a fat kid.   Came 101st out of 104…

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Getting Started with Fitness

Just warm up – Getting started with fitness

  I would say in every sessions I’ve ever taken, a good half or more of the people in it weren’t really feeling like it when they arrived.   They’d dragged themselves there when there was other stuff they could be or would rather be doing.   But by the end of the session, they…

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Waiting for Fitness Results

I’m just waiting for the fitness results to come through / my body to respond

  Have you ever started something and it seems like the results are taking ages to ‘come through’?   You know, a workout or a diet or similar.   And after a few weeks, you don’t seem to have gotten anywhere.   Don’t look and feel any different.   Over the years I’ve seen it…

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Gradual Exercise Results

Probably not, but it’s better than nowt – Gradual exercise results

  I’m doing the Wilmslow half marathon this Sunday.   To prep for that, I’ve been running more than I usually would (none).   5 miles a week is my minimum target.   This has morphed into a little competition on the MapMyRun app between myself, my wife, her brother and his wife.   Most…

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Personal Training Change

The Declaration of Independence knew – Make a personal training change

  On July 4th 1776 Thomas Jefferson and chums announced that the 13 American colonies would now regard themselves as thirteen independent sovereign states no longer under British rule.   Although the language of what they said has moved on, there’s tonnes in there to show that not much has changed in the 242 years…

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