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Got a question for you.

I’ll be honest, it’s pretty easy as the answer is the tile to this blog.

How many calories would an average weight six foot man need to maintain their weight for 20 years.

———- When I say “average”, I’m using more the weight a doctor would recommend than the actual current Western ‘mean’ ————

You got it – about 20 million.

Give or take.

How many calories (approximately) in a stone of stored body fat.

Around 50,000.

So to have gained a stone over two decades, we were only one quarter of a percent out.

To have gained five stone, only 1.25% out.

To have gained five stone in five years, only five percent over.

The numbers would, of course, change with different sized people.

And, I’ll be honest, I haven’t factored in the increase to calories in the would need to happen to maintain that surplus in a progressively heavier (and therefore, higher BMR) person.

But, you get the point.

To have gained weight, we’ve rarely been conforming to the usual glutinous stereotype of constantly stuffing ourselves.

Maybe sometimes, sure.

But, on average, we’ve only gone a few percent over the person who stayed slim in the same time frame.

And, the good news there?

It’s easier to undo this than we’ve probably being telling ourselves (just like it’s less of a big deal to book in for this meeting and come find out more about what we do than you might have been telling yourself –> www.theacademygtc.co.uk/briefing-meeting).

Undo the few percent surplus to create maintenance.

Then the same again to undo that with a deficit.

Even if we’d like to get there considerably quicker, a 10 to 20% reduction isn’t as big an adjustment as, perhaps, we thought we’d have to make.

A 10 to 20% drop in portion size won’t make a massive difference to hunger levels.

A few tactical swaps to lower calorie density by 10 to 20% means we can eat the same volume.

Or, potentially, more.

Or, more likely, some combination of the two.

Either way, the important thing is that we probably didn’t over eat as much as we thought.

And we probably don’t need to change as much as we’re telling ourselves that we do to undo that.

Much love,

Jon ‘One million dollars’ Hall and Matt ‘I didn’t spend six years in Evil Medical School to be called ‘mister’ thank you very much’ Nicholson

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