“A minute a day swingy passes”

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My youngest son, Charlie, goes to Rugby Tots on a Friday morning.

Usually with his mum, but I sometimes take him.

Taken by the incomparable, three time Rugby Tots coach of the year, Alick.

Great guy and great setup for any of you with 2 to 7 year old children.

The other day, something he said pricked up my ears.

We’d been doing ‘swingy passes’.

And he said about practising at home with the kids.

“A minute a day swingy passes”.

Not 10 minutes or half and hour.

A minute a day.

However busy we are, is there ever any reason we can’t do something for a minute out of 1,440 in the day?

60 out of 86,400 seconds?

0.07% of the day?


Chances are we would do more once we’d started.

A few or 5 or 10 minutes.

But if he said 10 minutes it would be easy to think we didn’t have time for that.

A lower, easier to achieve goal that we’re likely to over achieve on always beats a harder goal we don’t even try to do.

And it’s the same with out health, fitness and weight loss efforts.

If you find aiming for 5 workouts a week means you do none, try aiming for one.

Hit that and, hopefully, overachieve.

If you just do the one, that’s still better than nothing.

Same with your meals.

Eating ‘perfectly’ all week (whatever that means) is a nice idea.

But the second we do something ‘less than perfect’, we’ve ‘failed’.

And ‘write it off’.

Maybe aim to eat well a certain number of meals out of the twenty one.

To not snack on a certain number of days.

To substitute Food X for Food Y more often than not.

To hit a total number of calories for the week (so you have flexibility on different days).

Whatever it is, find your equivalent of “a minute a day”.

—— It could even be a minute a day of something ——–

Something you can do no matter what happens.

That, even if that’s all that gets done, is still worthwhile.

But that you’re likely to overachieve on.

Much love,

Jon ‘Squish the worms’ Hall and Matt ‘Stay away from the naughty lines’ Nicholson

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