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Where I live, you can’t park around the front of the house.

So we have a car port round the back.

It’s on a reasonably busy road.

And there’s a couple of parking spaces amount 10 metres up the road which creates a bit of blind spot for drivers approaching from that direction to see us coming out of the car port.

So it can be tricky to reverse out.

I’ve been fully aware since we moved in that reversing in would make the pulling out a bit easier.

Same amount of effort overall (a forward and backward then a forward next time instead of a forward then a backward and forward next time).

But, invariably, I didn’t feel like it.

I was heading home and just wanted to get in.

Until, the other week, it took ages to get out.

Steady stream of traffic with no one allowing any gap for me to back out.

Made me late.

So I’ve started backing in when I get home since.

Invariably it’s easier overall.

It’s usually a quieter time of day when I’m getting in.

And busier time when I’m leaving.

We’re often a bit rushed on leaving.

Rarely on getting home.

And there’s never more than a few seconds delay backing in.

Once you pull into position the other cars have to wait for you.

So, at worst, I’m no better off.

More likely, I’m better off.

By moving that bit of effort from when it’s more tricky and more time pressured……………

To when it’s easier and there’s more time……………

We get a better outcome.

Planning and prepping our food can feel a bit like backing in.

We just want to get on with what we’re doing at that point.

Don’t really fancy it.

Doesn’t seem a good use of time at that point.

But, at worst, we’ll be in the same position come Hungry O Clock.

More likely, we’ll be better off.

Save a bit of time overall (20 minutes on a Sunday night to save 10 minutes every day in the week).

Make the better result easier and more likely (better food choice at that point because that’s what’s there and anything else would be more effort).

If the equivalent of ‘backing out’ at every meal works for you, that’s cool.

Crack on!

If it hasn’t been, you might benefit from ‘backing in’ a few hours or days before.

Much love,

Jon ‘Don’t drop the baby’ Hall

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