Bake your own cake

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“Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it”

Without exaggeration, I’ve probably heard that in the thousands of times.

I wonder if anyone who’s ever said “If I had a pound for every time………..” would actually be a millionaire?

A million is a big number!


“Just tell me what to do”.

We get it.

That’s what we think we need.





We already know.

Maybe not it all.

But enough.

And there might be some conflicting advice and confusion.

But I’d happily wager that every single one of us knows enough to be getting better results than we are now.

Ourselves included.

We’ve been able to get free meal plans of the internet for about two decades now.

Exercise institutional videos on YouTube for over ten years.

Pretty cheap cook books, exercise DVDs, home workout equipment and so on for even longer.

It’s not a list of what to do that we need.

We’re not here to give you the ‘cake’.

We can just give you the ingredients.

And show you the different ways you can mix them.

The combinations.

The methods.

What works and doesn’t and why.

But, ultimately you need to make your own cake.

Every time.

Much love,

Jon ‘As fast as you can’ Hall

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