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Check this image.


If you lived in Scotland and were after a sign, would you ring that number?


Even if the prices were great (free even), would you even want a sign made by the person that made this sign?


I doubt it.


I wouldn’t have much confidence that they could deliver what I needed if they can’t do it for themselves.


And it’s the same when you’re a FitPro.


There is an expectation from the majority of your customers that you yourself are in shape.


We might have all the knowledge in the world, but if we’re not able to implement it in our own lives, people ask questions.




They’re looking to invest their hard earned money in us helping them achieve something.


And if they feel they have already done a better job for free then the FitPro they’re looking has, that would raise doubts.


However, as with everything, there are multiple factors to consider.


The challenges someone has overcome to achieve their own results.


How good they are at helping others achieve them.


The return on investment for time and effort in both of the above.


There’s no right or wrong.


But they are factors worth considering.


I know there are other FitPros in Macclesfield alone who are fitter, faster, stronger and leaner than I am.


I know because other people have told me said FitPro has pointed that out themselves 😉


And that’s fine by me.


Being in elite shape isn’t what I’m after any more.


Would you rather work with;


A – 23 years old. Lives with their mum. Always been fit and now in amazing shape from spending all their day in the gym and eating mainly chicken and brocolli. Has helped a small number of similar people also get in amazing shape.


B – Nearly 40. Has four kids, a busy business and is riddled with injuries. A fat kid and teenager, but has maintained pretty good shape for 17 years whilst enjoying a variety of food, a busy social life and probably more than fair share of alcohol.


Has helped hundreds (probably in the thousands) of people who hated gyms, slimming clubs and diets make some huge and lasting changes and get in the best shape they have in years (if not ever), whilst enjoying it more than they expected and it not being as much of a drain on time as they expected.


Picking A is fine.


No right or wrong.


There’s some FitPros who are somewhere inbetween, of course.


I’m B in case you hadn’t guessed 😉


All the coaches at The Academy aren’t all exactly the same.


Age 24 to 51.


Zero to five kids.


No injuries to loads.




We all face a variety of challenges.


And, in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with a FitPro facing and working through challenges.


Just maybe not being completely defeated by them.


What we have in common is that we’re all good at is helping people who don’t love this sort of stuff make some pretty substantial changes and gains.


If you’ve already got a nice sign that you’re very happy with and just want it polishing till you can see your face in it, there may be better options for you.


If any old sign for as little as possible is fine, again we might not be the best fit for each other.


But, if you want a really good sign for a reasonable price and you’ve struggled to get one you’re happy with for years, we may just right for you.


If you’re already with us, hopefully you’re finding that’s the case (tell us if it’s not – were here to help).


If you’re not already with us, check to take the next step – it’s the next find out more meeting tomorrow night now 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘Hancock’ Hall and Matt ‘Guy Dudley’ Nicholson



The Academy Group Transformation Centre Macclesfield –


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