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So, it’s Black Friday today!

Would you like to know what offer we’re running?

The same one we run all year around.

Join us and you get;

– To have a body you like the look and feel of more

– More energy to do the stuff you want to do

– Better mood

– Hopefully more sex

– A good chance of living longer and with less health issues

And much more.

And, for a good result, we’ll pay for those two months of membership.

We don’t really feel the need to offer more than that.

If that’s not appealing, I don’t know what is.

When an offer is already good, discounting only attracts those with no intention of continuing past that offer period.

And, as the programme has sold out for 60 consecutive months now, we don’t need to drop prices to get in whatever we can to pay the rent, like many of our competitors.

Offers are nice, of course.

I get that.

I may take advantage of some today.

But only for things I already wanted and have maybe not been able to justify the cost of.

Perhaps get in early for a few Christmas presents.

But every one of those things I could live without.

As I’ve mentioned before, our health and happiness isn’t “another thing”, it’s “the thing”.

Arguably the first thing we should invest in (not necessarily money, but in attention time and focus at least).

Much love,

Jon ‘Small Business Saturday’ Hall and Matt ‘Cyber Monday’ Nicholson

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