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Longer term blog readers may remember I did some blogs like this when I passed blog 1,000 and 1,500.

I’ll be honest, I got all impatient.

Couldn’t wait to #2,000.

It’s still a full year away.

If you didn’t know, I’ve been sending these bad boys out at 11am Monday to Friday for 6 3/4 years now.

Long time that, isn’t it?

If you’d told then that I’d still be going now, I’m not sure I’d have believed it.

The lessons we can extract from this are still the same as at 1,000 and 1,500.

So I’ll keep it short to this one blog, rather than whole week’s worth.

So, lessons we can extract:

1. It all adds up

One blog won’t make that much difference to you, your mindsets, habits and so on.

But, they’ll all add up.

The things that were once an effort and a struggle gradually just become a new way of life.

And each blog may get us somewhere between zero and two bookings to our monthly find out more meeting.

Zero more often than not.

But those numbers add up.

52% of people who ended up joining us did so by starting with this link – – >

They’re not the only factor, but without these blogs we wouldn’t still be in business after nearly 7 1/2 years.

One better meal choice or workout won’t make you particularly slimmer or fitter or healthier.

But they’ll add up.

And just like stopping these blogs would probably gradually lead to the business dying……….

Not exercising or making a better food choice because of it’s minimal individual impact will only lead us one way!

2. It becomes a habit and you practice yourself good

Everything new starts off a bit of pain in the arse.

We’re somewhere between “rubbish” and “kinda OK, I suppose” at it.

We keep going and, over time we become somewhere between “reasonably good” and “excellent at it”.

We tweak and refine our approach.

Just become more experienced.

What was once an effort becomes, at least, something or a habit.

We don’t keep going and it doesn’t.

3. There is no ‘finish line’

Any time we enter something with a pre-determine duration, we’re not setting ourselves up for long term success.

It’s fine to have milestones along the route to work towards and keep us motivated.

And maybe to ‘course correct’ and change approach along the way.

But, in most things is life, there is no end.

I might not do these blogs forever.

But I can (and will) put stuff out there to help people.

Which also let’s them (and others) know about the other stuff we can do to further help.

I may change the way that’s delivered.

Because I become aware of a better approach.

But there’s no finish line on helping others and letting them know how we can further help them.

Like there isn’t on our health and fitness.

It’s fine to have targets along the way.

8 week challenges.

Events coming up.

And we adjust course along the way.

Change or refine what we do (clicking this link at taking the next step with us is a course change you, or a friend, will not regret –>

But it’s an endless game.

The day it ends is the day we die.

And starting to see it that way………

Seeing it more as “treating our bodies with love, care and respect”……….

Instead of “being on a diet” or “losing that Christmas weight”………..

Changes how we approach it.

We can speed up and slow down as circumstance dictates along the way.

But there’s no finish line 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘Indian mission vacations along the Uruguay River’ Hall and Matt ‘Crispus Attucks’ Nicholson

P.S. I’ll be very impressed if anyone gets those middle names (or, at least, the entirety of the reason behind them).

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