Next Briefing Meeting, for the June challenge, is on Tuesday 28th May at 8.00pm


Well done for taking this step.

Want to find out more?

The briefing meeting is a monthly find-out-more orientation evening, which will give you all the info about what we do. Learn about our ‘8 week 20lbs weight-loss challenge’ and the ‘Beach Body challenge’ for those with less than 20lbs to lose – no pressure, no salesly stuff, just see if it’s for you

Find Out More About the Briefing Meeting

Watch the video above , hear from recent challengers, read why you might want to come to the briefing meeting, and see what it looks like. Book in at the right or bottom of the page. 
Next meeting, for the June challenge, is on Tuesday 28th May at 8.00pm

What Happens at the Briefing Meeting

  • Find out how you can take part in our '8 week 20 lbs challenge' and 'Beach Body challenge' for free - we explain everything that the 8 week challenges entails on the night.
  • Meet local Macclesfield people who come to The Academy, hear their stories and meet other like minded people who want to take part in the challenge
  • Don't let intimidation or concerns hold you back. We understand it's scary going to somewhere you have never been before, that's why we do these evenings so you can see our facility, meet the trainers and try out 8 week challenge for free.
  • Remember the address is The Academy, Waterside Mill, Waterside, SK11 7HG. Next to the Dive Centre and next to the Silk Road flyover.


What the Briefing Meeting Looks Like

Changing lives time 🙂


Posted by Jon Hall on Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Recent Challengers and Their Stories





60lbs down and sub 16% body fat after two ’20lbs challenges’ and a ‘Beach Body challenge’ – go Faye 🙂 if you fancy the same 🙂


Posted by The Academy Group Transformation Centre – Macclesfield on Sunday, February 28, 2016

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