But it’s a bigger car driving round town

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It’s common complaint in our society.

That “so and so” has a ‘better metabolism than us.

As we’ve mentioned before, you’re metabolism is dictated mainly by you body composition.

The volume / weight of your organs, bones, muscle and fat.

Your ‘metabolically active’ tissue.

If someone has a higher metabolic rate than someone else it’s because they have more of some or all of these things.

Not fair, or unfair.

Just what it is.

It’s like if your friend was comparing how economical your cars were.

And was annoyed that your car’s average mpg was lower than his.

“But you drive a bigger car. And you do lots of short trips around town. I have a smaller car and use it for less frequent, longer trips” you might reply.

Neither fair nor unfair.

There’s just a reason for the difference.

A reason, ultimately, born of basic physics.

Mass times acceleration and all that.

If we don’t like out car’s mpg, we can, of course, change it and / or the trips we use it for.

We can change our body composition somewhat.

But, ultimately, our metabolism is what it is.

And for reasons neither fair no unfair.

We can lament that.

Or work with it (we’re rather well know at helping people ‘work with’, rather than against, themselves. Click here if you’d like to find out more about that –> www.theacademygtc.co.uk/briefing-meeting).

Much love,

Jon ‘45.5mpg’ Hall and Matt ‘Not so good’ Nicholson

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