But no less rubbish than anyone else’s

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I posted a few polls in our members only group the other day.

About the effectiveness of interval training (and exercise in general) for “fat burning” / calorie use / weight loss.

Most people got the answers right.

Clue: It’s rubbish.

Maybe slightly less rubbish than other forms of exercise.

But rubbish none the less.

Our sessions down here at The Academy are rubbish for weight loss.

But, as the blog title says, no less rubbish than anyone else’s.

When ‘work matched’ (same overall ‘effort’) there is minimal difference in total energy used and where it comes from in the body for different types of exercise.

The magical “afterburn effect” that many FitPros will tell you turns you into a “fat burning machine for up to 72 hours after” one of their workouts…………

Has been shown to be in the magnitude of up to 80 calories.

Probably less.

Mostly in the first few hours after the session.

Exercise is / can be great for the following:

– Health
– Fitness
– Endurance
– Energy levels
– Mood
– Aches and pains
– Longevity
– Sleep
– Sex drive
– Maintaining focus on better eating and lifestyle

And much more.

But it’s not great for calorie burning / weight loss.

Burning a few hundred calories in a workout (when you probably would’ve burned half that amount watching TV) is spectacularly inefficient compared to eating a little better.

If you consider the effect of exercise on weight loss be zero………….

You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you get there a bit quicker than you thought…………..

And won’t be tempted to “eat back” what little you’ve just used.

Exercise for the tonnes of benefits it brings (oooohhhhh, we do that too –>ย www.theacademygtc.co.uk/briefing-meeting).

Eat better for weight loss (and the other benefits that eating better also brings).

Much love,

Jon ‘My niece says “Trash” ๐Ÿ™ Hall

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