Cash flow is king

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Whilst I have been bowled over by the overwhelming support our members have shown for us during lockdown…………

It’s an unavoidable fact that many have been hit with a disruption to their finances that means they can long longer justify investing financially in our programme.

Some have lost their jobs, other taken a pay cut.

Some self employed and run their own businesses and have seen some or all of their turnover vanish nearly overnight.

Correspondingly, our turnover has dropped.

Less than the vast majority of our industry as far as I can see.

But there is a rather large (and growing) hole in the budget.

We’ve got all year to fill it (or level the surrounds a bit) and I’m confident we will.

But there is a potentially worrying shortfall there.

Thankfully we’re ok for cash flow at the moment.

We’ve deferred some tax payments and the tax account was completely up to date with the VAT, Corporation and PAYE tax we’ll need to pay.

It’s a little bit of “robbing Peter to pay Paul” I know.

But at least we have money to pay the bills and buy what needs to be bought right now.

Cash flow, as they often say, is king.

There are other important factors, of course.

Essential ones.

But without cash flow none of that really matters.

History is strewn with businesses that have been doing nearly everything right, but have gone under when there wasn’t the cash flow there when it was needed.

It’s a bit like calories.

Not all there is.

Not the only thing.

But nothing else really matters if those numbers aren’t working.

From a weight loss / maintenance perspective at least.

We can be doing everything else ‘right’.

Eating fresh, nutritious foods.

Exercising regularly.

Getting plenty of sleep.

Dealing with stress.

Drinking lots of water.

But if we’re not in a calorie deficit………..

We won’t lose weight.

The calorie, like cash flow, is king.

Doesn’t mean we need to forget everything else.

But we defintely need to make sure that one is sorted.

Much love,

Jon ‘1199-1226’ Hall

P.S. I forgot to give the answer to the ‘Cabbage Garden’ name the other week. It was what Radio 1 DJs Mark and Lard called Savage Garden in the late 90s.

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