Chicken or egg?

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Hopefully you know by now that we ‘get it’.

We know it can be hard.

To make those better decisions.

We know you might not always feel like making them.

Because we don’t either.

Sometimes these choices can require a level of energy and enthusiasm that isn’t always there.


The irony is that…………….

Our energy levels affect our decisions and……

Our decisions affect our energy levels

When we don’t eat well and don’t exercise we’re likely to have lower energy………

When we have low energy we’re less likely to eat well and exercise

Chicken or egg?

A viscous circle.

And remembering that can be powerful.

When we “don’t feel like it”…………….

Knowing that not doing ‘it’……………..

Will make it even harder to do ‘it’ next time…………..

And that we’ve never regretted doing ‘it’ once it’s done………….

Can make doing ‘it’ that little bit more doable ๐Ÿ™‚

Much love,

Jon ‘Marty McFly’ Hall and Matt ‘Nog’ Nicholson

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