Chronic The Hedgehog

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Have you seen there’s a new ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ film coming out soon?

I saw a trailer online the other day and it doesn’t look great, I’ll be honest.

The reviews seem to concur.

When I started secondary school in 1991, the MegaDrive vs. SNES ‘war’ was in full flow.

The Nintendo console fronted by Mario and the Sega one by Sonic.

At some point around that time (possibly Year 8), I got a spikey haircut.

Trevor Mason quickly nicknamed me ‘Chronic The Hedgehog’.

And so did everyone else 🙁

Thanks a lot Trev!

So I grew it out again.

And had curtains (like everyone else who’d seen John Connor in Terminator 2) till I was 17.

Chronic, in that case, of course means “of a very poor quality”.

It can also mean “persisting for a long time or constantly recurring”.

Often used in relation to illness, disease and the like.

But can also be related to ‘unhealthy eating’.

Because, in the short term, we struggle to eat in a way that’s actually unhealthy.

No one meal, no matter what’s in it, will adversely affect our healthy.

Short of food poisoning, etc.

Unhealthy eating is a chronic thing, not an acute one.

Now, this isn’t a justification to ‘go nuts’ because “it doesn’t matter”.

It just helps us question the average of what we do.

And why we do it.

Eating something we could define as ‘less good’ doesn’t then mean the answer is to ‘write it off’ and actually ‘go chronic’ for the next week or month or two.

Knowing that it is the average of the week or month is key.

We don’t have to live like monks all the time.

We can have a little of what we could could consider ‘acute unhealthy eating’………..

As long as we’re ‘chronically healthy’ most of the time (we can help with that side, if you’ve been struggling with it –>

Much love,

Jon ‘Eggman’ Hall and Matt ‘Knuckles’ Nicholson

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