Different ways to save money…….

I’ve mentioned a few analogies recently between weight loss and saving money.

About how the wife and I are using a weekly post in a private Facebook group to track our expenditure with a countdown from the week’s budget to show what we have left.

It isn’t the only approach that we could use.

But it’s one that’s (mostly) working for us.

We could decide to not spend anything at the weekends.

Or certain other days (Monday and Tuesday would be good – we usually spend fairly little then).

We could have a daily budget

We could not spend after a certain time of day.

We could only use cash so it’s impossible to go over.

Just generally pay a bit more attention to what we’re spending.

All could work.

All are ways of creating the same final outcome.

But all only work if that average balance (or deficit) is reached.

And weight loss is the same.

There are lots of factors to consider.

Lots of approaches we can chose from.

But the calorie balance (or deficit) has to underpin them.

All methods work when the deficit is there.

None work when it isn’t.

Massive, repeated, peer reviewed studies have shown this over and over again for decades.

We could intermittent fast.

Have a daily or weekly ‘budget’.

Pre prep our food so it’s the easiest option when it gets to ‘Hungry O Clock’.

Just generally pay a bit more attention to what we’re eating.

But, they would all only work if that deficit was created.

Again, we know that there’s more to consider like there is in saving than “just spend less”.

But always remember that, like with saving, there’s nothing magical about the different methods.

It’s just finding one (or a combination of a few) that works for you that creates that deficit.

Much love,

Jon ‘The date’ Hall and Matt ‘Me’ Nicholson

P.S. Check www.theacademygtc.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you like the sound of an approach that gives you flexibility and isn’t based around strange, confusing rules that are hard to follow all the time.

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