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You watch the Rugby World Cup final?

England vs. South Africa.

Disappointing result, of course.

But second place is great.

I felt sorry for Kyle Sinkler.

Knocked out two and half minutes in and subbed straight off.

Missed nearly all of the final he’d worked so hard to get to.

Didn’t even look like all that big a collision that knocked him out.

But any contact with people that big at speed has risks.

According to some research, the average rugby player is 3 inches taller, 3 stone heavier and can reach a near 50% higher top speed than only a generation ago.

Tackling forces up about 75%.

Our brains haven’t changed in that time.

Concussion rates are four times what they were.

And we’re ever more aware of the risks of concussions and other brain injuries.

Steps have, of course, been taken to minimise this and other injuries.

The ‘scrum engagement sequence’ (how the two front rows in a scrum connect) has been altered to massively reduce the force of engagement.

No more ramming into each other as hard as possible.

Engagement is much more gentle (relatively).

But engage, they must.

Without engagement there is no scrum.

Engagement is key.

As it is in many areas.

We often talk about how it is ok to “speed up and slow down as circumstance dictates”.

But that we don’t need to “stop”.

In fact, “slowing down and speeding up” is not a limiter of success – it’s a necessity for it.

What often happens when we ‘stop’ is we lose that engagement.

Stop looking in the Facebook group.

Stop Touching Base and setting a goal for the coming week (takes seconds and the goal can, and should, take into account circumstances, so there’s never any reason not to do it).

Stop replying to messages.

Generally sticking our head in the sand.

We get that things get in the way sometimes.

We can’t always do everything we might, ideally, like.


We can always stay engaged!

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Much love,

Jon ‘One concussion playing rugby at Uni’ Hall and Matt ‘Tables’ Nicholson

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