Further lessons from SpaceX

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I mentioned yesterday that we watched the SpaceX take off a week last Saturday.

On the Sunday we watched the Dragon capsule dock with the International Space Station.

It had been travelling for 19 hours and had covered hundreds of thousands of miles in that time.

Got to be pretty precise to make that connection.

A degree or two in one direction and you end up plummeting to earth eventually.

A degree or two the other way and you’ll end up on Mars.

Little adjustments and they get there over time.

Much like our goals.

We often think we need massive changes.

And there’s nothing wrong with that if we can maintain them.

But fairly pointless if we can’t.

Little tweaks and adjustments add up.

Small course corrections.

A degree or two here and there.

Knocking 10% off portion size of each meal rather than not eating for two days every now and again.

Making a few tactical swaps rather than eliminating whole food groups for a few weeks.

Getting into the habit of daily movement that we can increase or decrease as circumstance allows rather than grinding ourselves into the ground for two weeks then not exercising again for two months.

It’s the compound effect.

Little tweaks to our trajectory adding up to big changes in our destination over time.

Much love,

Jon ‘Babylon Zoo’ Hall

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