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We’ve mentioned before that people do leave us.

Most of our competitors won’t admit this.

But everywhere has people leave.

Sometimes unavoidable logistics.

Sometimes it’s just not their ‘cup of tea’ (that’s fine too).

Often some other reason(s) justified through ‘cost’.

After all, from our experience, the cost is rarely an issue when people are getting amazing, life changing results.

Sometimes people will cancel because they don’t feel they’re able to get enough value from it.

They can’t get here three times a week for sessions.

And I get that.

No one likes to feel that they’re ‘wasting money’.

Not extracting full value from something.

But full value is hard to get from anything all of the time.

We can’t watch our paid TV / film subscriptions 24 hours a day.

But we keep them if we’re watching them enough.


What often happens when people cancel for this reason……………

Is they could be coming once or twice a week on average.

And doing a few home workouts off the app / site as well.

And using the goal setting and tracking, meal planning, support and other systems (check if you like the sound of an approach that has structure support systems in place and doesn’t just provide access to equipment or workouts and make you feel bad when you don’t use them enough).

Not full value, sure.

But enough to take them in the right direction.

And, from our experience, more value than they’d got from the previous options they’d tried.

Only when we rewrite the dictionary definition of what exercise is, can we not do it 3+ times per week.

Only when we go ‘head in the sand’ can we not spend a few minutes setting a relevant intention for the week that takes into account everything that’s going on.

That will either take us somewhat in the right direction or, at least, minimise the impact.

Doing what we can under the circumstances is always better than stopping completely.

Slowing down and speeding up as circumstance dictates is not just ok, it’s essential.

Stopping completely………….

Getting fatter…………

Getting less happy with our bodies……………

Setting our health back…………….

And everything else that comes with that……………

Is not better value!

Much love,

Jon ‘City’ Hall and Matt ‘Art’ Nicholson

P.S. I’ll be honest, couldn’t think of particularly good middle names here. Just the first two things that came up typing “Value ……” into Google. Although I do quite like that mine makes ‘City Hall’

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