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I have a little challenge.

For the next week, you have to remove the following phrase(s) from your vocabulary.

“I didn’t / won’t have time”

And replace them with;

“I didn’t / won’t make time”

A subtle shift.

But a powerful one.

Because, ultimately, we nearly always can make time.

If we really want to.

We might not want to.

And that’s fine.

And sometimes it might have to be a ‘next best thing’.

But out of the 10,080 minutes in the week could we ever really not make time for three 5 minute workouts?

Or smaller portion sizes or some tactical swaps?

Remember, you don’t have to “make time” for any of those things.

Your life, do with it what you please and don’t let anyone (me included) make you feel bad about your decisions, if you’re happy with them.



Have – – > Made

May enable you to question things just enough to help you make the decisions that you are actually happy with.

Try it for a week and see how you get on?

Much love,

Jon ‘Not’ Hall and Matt ‘In China’ Nicholson

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