He slipped a little

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A few months ago I climbed Thorpe Cloud near Ashbourne with my two oldest sons (Oli and Jamie), one of my nephews (Sam) and my Dad.

I actually used to work in the Ice Cream van in the car park at the bottom in 1997 and 1998.

“Best ice cream seller I’ve ever had” Roger, the owner, once told me.

But I’d never climbed up it until then, at the request of my nephew, who’d been wanting to do it for ages.

—————— Let’s not mention having to stop a fight developing when Oli sprinted past Sam to be first to the summit —————

On the way up, Jamie took a bit of a fall.

Slipped a little a landed on his bottom.

After a couple of minutes sitting there, he was good to go again and got up fine, if not a little slower than he might have otherwise.

What he didn’t do though, was throw himself all the way to the bottom after he’d slipped.

Only to start climbing again after a while.

Set backs happen.

Sometimes we can’t keep going at full speed.

We may slow, or even stop.

Sometimes we may even slip back a little.

But we don’t need to ‘throw ourselves to the bottom’.

To ‘write it off’ and go massively backwards when it’s something we do still want and we’ll have to undo at a later date.

Completely stopping doing something we no longer want to do at all makes sense.

Completely stopping something we still want to do and always will do……….. doesn’t.

Slowing down and speeding up is fine.

Just don’t stop 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘Best job I ever had that ice cream van – £4 an hour an paid from leaving home to go via Derby to get the Ice Cream from the Cash and Carry’ Hall and Matt ‘Worked for my Dad in the pub’ Nicholson

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