“How do you get out of bed then?”

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If I had a pound for every time some one had said to me “I can’t do a sit up”…………..

I would have ……………

Let me think………..

Maybe five hundred quid?

A potential answer to that would be “How do you get out of bed then?”

I, obviously, don’t actually say that, as I’m not a knob (not at work anyway, before my wife replies to this blog).

But, it’s true.

If you can get out of bed, you can do a sit up.

From my experience, the fitness industry can be overly obsessed with ‘movement standards’.

Sure, these are fine (and necessary) if it’s some form of competitive fitness thing – if people aren’t doing the same versions of an exercise, it’s not a fair competition.

But we find there’s too much “That’s not a sit up, press up, burpee, etc” type approaches from many.

And that can be off putting to the majority of the population who aren’t quite ready for the “movement standard version”.

For all exercises there is a continuum.

Imagine a line running left to right.

At the very left, what you might call the ‘easiest’ version of an exercise.

At the very right the ‘hardest’.

With various versions in-between.

And all we need to do is pick the version that is right for us at the moment.

Based on our current strength, endurance, flexibility, injuries, goals and more.

Over time, we will probably move to the right on that continuum.

But, there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to do the exercise (apart from, obviously, if you’re just doing it wrong).

Pick the version that’s right for you right now.

And do that till it gets too easy.

If you’re already a member with us and aren’t sure how to do that / what that is, then just ask the coach in a session.

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Much love,

Jon ‘And breakfast’ and Matt ‘Bath and Beyond’ Nicholson

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