How many times did Usain Bolt PB

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Usain Bolt.

Pretty fast, wasn’t he?

Probably still is, I should imagine.

Won a lot of races, broke a lot of records, didn’t he?

Fun fact for you – The ‘fastest race of all time’ was held on Deansgate in Manchester when Bolt averaged 23.38mph by running 150m in 14.35 seconds.

Between 2007 and and 2017 he raced 168 times.

Won 156 of them.

After setting the current world records in 2009, he didn’t PB ever again.

8 years and hundred odd races with no PB.

Over the course of his entire running career he’ll have only PB’d in a single digit percentage of his races.

Imagine if he stopped running when everything stopped going ‘perfectly’.

He’d have only made one Olympics.

Whilst PBing is nice, it’s not the only thing.

While winning is nice, it’s not the only thing.

If everyone else had stopped running when he was practically unbeatable, it would’ve got pretty boring, wouldn’t it?

Everything going perfectly is nice, but it’s not the only thing.

And when we can’t have things go perfectly………….

If our next choice is, essentially, nothing at all…………..

No one benefits.

Eating perfectly 21 meals a week, 52 weeks a year is nice.

Training like a pro athlete for hours a day is nice (in theory).

But when we can’t do that (and when can we?), there’s something between no exercise and eating like it’s going out of fashion.

Having a target makes sense.

A plan.

But when it doesn’t happen, revising the plan to the next best thing makes more sense than screwing it up and throwing it out of the window, doesn’t it?

Life isn’t black or white.

All or nothing.

There are shades of grey inbetween.

“Writing it off” makes no actual sense.

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