I couldn’t be a Beefeater

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On a Sunday in April for the last two years, I’ve ended up in Horse Guard’s Parade in London.

As first my sister and then wife and her brother finished the London Marathons (next one is a month today if you’re remotely interested).

I was there with youngest son last November too when we used a hotel stay we’d won.

Got a lovely photo of him in the museum dressed up as a Beefeater.

I have distinct memories of being a kid stood there too.

Looking at said Beefeaters.

Stood completely still for hours on end.

I couldn’t do that.

I’d be too bored for a start.

But, with my assortment of injuries and aches and pains, I think it would just hurt too much.

I can be on my feet all day fine.

Bit sore at the end, but nothing too bad.

Stood still for eight hours?

Forget it.

Because, counter intuitively, standing still can be harder than moving forward.

And it’s the same with our results.

Standing still is, of course, better than slipping backwards.

But, I dunno, it’s not very ‘sexy’ is it.

Doesn’t light a fire of inspiration under us.

Maintaining where we are for the rest of our lives is cool, I suppose.

But probably doesn’t fill us with enthusiasm on a daily basis.

Forward movement though?

Whilst harder in some ways………..

Is easier in others.

It generates a level of enthusiasm.

Of motivation.

Of energy.

To do what needs to be done.

We won’t suddenly get that by being stood still and thinking about moving.

It comes from the action itself.

If you’ve been stood still (or sliding backwards) then that overcoming intertia is the hard part.

Waiting till you feel like doing it will mean waiting a long time.

Start moving forward and you may be surprised.

You may, in some ways, find it easier than what you’ve been doing before!

Much love,

Jon ‘Can eat a lot of beef though’ Hall

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