“I don’t understand it – I’ve been eating lots of food!”

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We know how confusing it can be.

How many different definitions there are of ‘healthy eating’.

All the different ‘diets’, approaches and conflicting advice.

One way of viewing things that can often hold people back is thinking of foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

All foods are fine if the overall combinations and amount is appropriate.

When we think of “bad foods” we’re tempted to feel we’ve “failed” if we have any and that we should “write off” the evening / day / weekend / week and “start again” at some point in the future.

And when we think of ‘good’ foods, it’s easy to think that ‘more is better’.

That even more fruit or veg or wholemeal or whatever else will help.

Over the years I’ve had dozens (hundreds probably) of people say things like “I don’t understand why I’ve not lost weight – I’ve been eating lots of fruit”.

Rephrase that to “I don’t understand why I’ve not lost weight – I’ve been eating lots of food” and the issue becomes apparent.

Fruit isn’t to be avoided, of course.

It’s a fantastic part of an overall balanced diet.

But adding more fruit on top of what you’re already doing will just increase calories consumed.

The vitamins, minerals and other goodness in there is great – but adjustments would need to be made elsewhere to maintain / create that deficit (or maintenance).

Ultimately, if thinking of food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ works for you (you’ve been at a target weight, physique and health and fitness for a number of years straight now), then that’s cool.

If it doesn’t (as it doesn’t for most), then remember that food is just food.

We can enjoy it and have a great time eating it.

No guilt or emotion needed.

Just be aware of how much we actually need.

Much love,

Jon ‘Oversit’ Hall and Matt ‘Fruity’ Nicholson

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