“I don’t want to make different meals for the kids”

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One of the most common concerns we get when new people start is;

“Can I eat the same as the family?”.


“I don’t want to make different meals for the kids”

Probably comes in second after “Will I be the biggest or least fit there?” / “Can I keep up?”.

Short answer to that (the biggest /least fit one), by the way, is;

A – Probably not

B – Doesn’t matter if you are as everyone works at their own level and are welcoming and none judgemental

And the short answer to the food / family question?


Because, ultimately, if someone does feed the rest of the family something different, one (or both) of two things are happening;

1. They are eating in a way that isn’t good for kids

2. Their kids are eating in a way that isn’t good for adults

I know what they mean though.

They’ll be used to things where certain foods are “off limits”.

Stuff their kids want to eat and will, probably, complain about not being allowed.

But, ultimately, adults and children have, essentially the same nutritional requirements.

Enough, but not too much, energy.

Enough proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins and minerals.

Energy density times volume is the first bit.

The second can be taken care of however you like, but we find that a mixture of less processed meats, fish, fruit, veg, etc for the majority of our intake (with some room for some more processed stuff if the total keeps us within those energy requirements) will probably cover it.

If the average energy density is so high that we have to be hungry to keep within maintenance / deficit, then maybe some adjustments there would help?

If the food is so low in those nutrients we’ll either go short or have to over eat to get enough, that might also be an area to look at.

But, ultimately, kids and grown ups (and spouses) don’t need different meals.

Some combination of portion size adjustments and tactical swaps can keep everyone eating together and eating well.

No one needs to eat different meals, just all work within the same basic framework (using the food tab and meal planner if you’re a member, checking www.theacademygtc.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you’re not) and adjust accordingly.

Much love,

Jon ‘Four kids’ Hall and Matt ‘First one on his way’ Nicholson

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