I had pizza, chocolate and beer

My eldest son Oli had his best mate over for a sleepover the other Friday (the other one, who hasn’t gone to Australia for those keeping up).

We popped to Tesco on the way home to get them some tea.

They chose pizza.

I rang my wife Alex and asked if she wanted anything picking up.

She asked for a Dairy Milk.

I fancied a couple of beers so popped them in the trolley too.

We then bumped into three different people we knew.

Who all, as you would expect, glanced into my trolley.

———— As everyone I’ve ever bumped into in a supermarket since being a FitPro has done ————

I registered their looks of surprise at me only buying pizza, chocolate and beer.

Which probably means they don’t read these blogs.

As, have we’ve said a million times, the average of your week is key.

A bit of pizza, a few beers and some chocolate never made anyone overweight.

A lot may have done though.

It’s the overall balance of the week.

And when we tell ourselves that we “have to cut out” certain foods………..

Or “give up XYZ”………..

Or that once we have a bit of certain foods then we might as well “write off” the rest of the day / week / year and have loads………..

That we struggle to get long term, sustained results.

Cut down on some things, sure.

If that’s needed.

Don’t have it ever again if you’re not bothered.

In fact, do whatever you want if it works, you’re happy with it and it’s not doing you any harm.

But if you’ve been thinking you can never have beer, pizza and chocolate (other junk food is available)……….

And that hasn’t worked for………..

Know now that’s that’s not true 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘It was Tiger beer since you asked’ Hall and Matt ‘Mystic’ Nicholson

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