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I’ve mentioned before I have a system for writing these blogs.

They usually start out as a note on my phone.

A basic idea of what to write.

Fleshed out on either my tablet or laptop which syncs automatically.

Finished off on the laptop – complete, proof read, insert middle names and briefing meeting link, pick five for the coming week, publish and schedule.

Sometimes I’ll get the original idea while driving.

Either from something I’ll listen to or a train of thought I’m following.

Because I’m a good boy (the amount of people flagrantly using their phone while driving nowadays astounds me), I’ll use voice command to make a note.

“Hey Google. Take a note. Say some stuff”.

Sometimes there’s quite a lot on there and when I go to expand on later, I’m left with a ‘Wall O Text’ with no spacing or punctuation and several homophones (their, there, they’re).

Some take a bit of figuring out what I was on about.

The other day I was chatting to some members before the session started.

Another member, the eponymous Shelley, walked in talking into her phone.

I quickly realised she was taking notes.

“Something something. Full stop. New paragraph. Something something. Exclamation mark” she (approximately) said.

After the session, I had a go.

And low and behold, my notes app could do the same.

No more ‘Wall O Texts’.

Properly laid out, clearly understandable blog outlines.

Still the odd homophone.

Now I’m sure many of you have known you can do this for years.

It’s somewhat obvious but I’d never seen anyone do it or really given it much thought.

In an instant I’ve changed the way I do this, because I’ve found a new, slightly better way.

And many changes in life can be that simple and quick.

We realise we’ve been doing something ‘non optimally’.

See a new way.

And immediately adopt it.

You’ll see claims that habits take a certain number of days to form.

28 and 66 days are often given.

But they can take a second.

They can never really form.

And everything in-between.

What I do know though, is that how quickly we adopt them is massively influenced by how much we want to do that thing.

And how much we want to do a thing is influenced by how we perceive it.

See exercise as “something we have to suffer through so we can weigh less in the future” and we’ll probably struggle.

See it as something fun we can do with friends that’ll make us feel better immediately and it’ll be pretty easy.

See healthier eating as having to cut out our favourites and it’ll be a real grind.

See it as delicious, tasty meals of appropriate portion size that will give our bodies what they need to look and feel great and there should be no such problem.

Perceive it as that ‘better way to do it’ and it’s a no-brainer.

The way we were doing it before was fine, sure.

But, like me watching Shelley’s superior use of voice commands, we’ve seen a superior approach.

And doing that, the majority of the time, just makes more sense.

Much love,

‘Hey’ Jon Hall and Matt ‘Siri’ Nicholson

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