“I think one more should do it”

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Have you ever said “I just need to be told what to do it and I’ll do it?”

If you have you’re not in the minority.

We’ve been asked to tell people what to do (by which they usually mean eat) thousands of times over the years.

And it sounds a fair request on the face of it.


How many times have people been told what to do before they come to us?

By other FitPros.

Doctors, dieticians, etc.

Diet books.


Friends and family.


Hundreds and hundreds of time in most cases.

If someone has, essentially, been “told what to do” 412 times……….

What makes time 413 any different.

Is the number of times we need to be told what to do always N+1…………

Where N is how many times we’ve been told already?

Is the answer to “How many times do we need to be told what to do?”…………….

Ever “I think one more should do it”?

What we all need is a way of doing that that works for us.

For whatever reason.

Rather than just a list of things to do (or eat) that we soon get annoyed at and stop.

The key to consistent progress, achieving the results we desire and maintenance is, from our experience;

1. Understanding what principles need to be hit to achieve our goals and selecting the right method for us to hit them (members, check or re-check the Phases on the tab on the app or members’ site. Non-members, stop ‘thinking about it’ and click this link –> www.theacademygtc.co.uk/briefing-meeting).

2. Having a way of picking food options that allow you hit those principles but give you flexibility (2,000+ recipes with ingredients, shopping lists, videos, etc all filterable by any and all nutritional requirements and preferences on the Food tab / page innit).

3. Some degree of setting of appropriate intent for the week and accountability (Touch Base tab, habit setting and follow up).

4. Constantly chipping away at the habits, mindsets and self-limiting beliefs that make it all harder than it has to be (these blogs, the daily videos in the members group, conversations with the coaches, etc).

That’s what people need and that’s what we do.

We could tell you what to eat.

But I think you know “one more should do it” isn’t the answer.

Much love,

Jon ‘Wanchope’ Hall and Matt ‘Also Wanchope, but not so much’ Nicholson

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