I tried on Mark Harman’s glasses

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I remember the first time I tried on a pair of glasses.

I was probably about 8.

They were Mark Harman in the year below’s.

I tried them on.

And immediately thought they were rubbish.

They made things blurrier, not clearer.

I’d been expecting some sort of Hawkeye vision and it did the exact opposite.


I came to realise a while later that those glasses were, of course, set to correct Mark’s vision.

Changing his focal length, etc.

When I got my own glasses a few years later I got the same reaction from my mates when they tried them on.

My youngest son Charlie sometimes puts mine on and comments that “It’s blurry”.

Glasses, of course, work by achieving the correct principal (allowing light to enter the eye in a way that goes on to create a clear image in the brain) with whatever method is appropriate to that person.

And it’s the same with many things in life.

There are principals that dictate our success in various fields.

And different methods of achieving these principals.

To lose weight we need an average calorie deficit.

Sure there are other ‘considerations’.

But none matter, from a weight loss perspective alone, if we don’t achieve that principal.

Whilst most FitPros will do the equivalent of forcing you to wear their glasses……….

And then berating you for not being able to see properly……….

We get it!

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach (check www.theacademygtc.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you want to learn more about our programme, which has a planned structure but with flexibility built in).

Not in the real world.

Find a way you’re OK with to;

1. Achieve and average calorie deficit (or maintenance)

2. Move your body in a way that improves or maintains health, fitness, energy, etc

And you’ll be most of the way there.

Sure, there’s more after that.

Stuff to, if you want to, consider when that’s sorted.

But they’re the biggies for your body.

Don’t be annoyed that someone else’s glasses don’t correct your vision.

Find a ‘pair’ that work for you.

Much love,

Jon ‘-2.5 -2.75′ Hall and Matt ’20-20’ Nicholson

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