I’m forever blowing them up

Our current car is obsessed with tyre pressure.

It has a sensor thing that tells you to check their pressure every now and again and then ‘reinitialise’.

I’ve put more air into this car’s tyres than for any other car I’ve ever owned.

I’m assuming it’s not losing pressure any faster than others.

It’s just the system is reminding me to check them when they start to lose pressure rather than waiting for me to notice a loss of pressure or remember to check randomly.

All tyres lose pressure.

Sometimes quickly from actual punctures.

More often gradually over time, through osmosis through the inner tube wall.

To run our vehicles effectively and efficiently…………….

We, at the very least, need to periodically top the pressure up.

And, occasionally, quickly rectify the punctures.

And our lives and bodies are the same.

They’ll gradually slip backwards over time, for no particular reason, if we let them.

Small, seemingly inconsequential, ‘top ups’ of balanced, nutritious meals, exercises and rest and relaxation do the equivalent of keeping that pressure topped up and everything ‘reinitialized’.

And, sometimes, things will fall apart rapidly – that puncture.

Injuries, Christmas, holidays and more can (but don’t have to) lead to that substantial set back.

We just need to get that sorted as soon as possible under the circumstances (possibly by clicking on this link, if you haven’t already to take the next step with us 🙂 –> www.theacademygtc.co.uk/briefing-meeting).

Rather than continuing to ‘drive round on a flat’.

Much love,

Jon ‘PSI’ Hall and Matt ‘CSI’ Nicholson

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Jon Hall

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