“It takes all the fun out of buying stuff”

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We’ve mentioned many times over the years that tracking your food is, in our opinion at least, the highest return on investment activity you can do.

From a weight loss perspective at least.

A fraction of the time and effort that goes into exercise and much more benefit.

Exercise is great for many other reasons of course.

Just not so much from a weight loss perspective.

The irony with tracking is……………

It’s probably the easiest thing we can do which will help, but……………

We have the most resistance to doing it.

We’re more than happy to spend several hours per week exercising.

But a couple of minutes per meal for less total time per week than a single workout?

It can feel too much of a pain.

A faff.

An inconvenience.

And we get that.

We felt the same before we tried it.

It can be easy to feel it takes the enjoyment out of eating.

If we choose to frame it that way.

Many a time, people have responded to this suggestion with some version of “It takes all of the fun out of eating”.

Which, again, we get.

But, as with many things, is worth questioning.

Imagine you had a friend.

Who was spiralling further and further into debt.

And felt that they didn’t know how to stop.

You asked them what they were spending their money on.

And they kinda knew.

But it was all a bit vague.

You suggested they might keep a note of their expenditure.

Maybe just for a few days or a week.

Just to get clear on where it was all going.

“It takes all the fun out of buying stuff” comes their reply.

What would you say?

Whatever you’d say is probably the answer you need…………….

Much love,

Jon ‘Spending more on food, less on everything else at the moment’ Hall

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