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I was renewing the virus protection software for the Academy computers the other day.

I know – party time!

I was presented with three offers.

A 1 year subscription for £19.99.

A 2 year one for £39.99.

And three years for £59.99.

The maths whizzes amongst you will have already seen the error here, I’m sure.

Two lots of £19.99 is £39.98.

So it actually costs a penny more to do the two year options than the one year one.

And you’d lose the 20 odd pence you’d make in interest by leaving that £19.99 in you bank for a year.

Poor offer that.

Doesn’t make any more sense.

But us humans are hard wired to be attracted by ‘offers’.

Even ones that don’t actually benefit us.

We see something on offer in the supermarket and we’re more likely to get it.

Even if we hadn’t intended to get that thing when we came in.

‘3 for 2’ and we go nuts.

BOGOFs, coloured labels showing a saving and much more are used to attract us.

And when we’ve already paid for something (buffet, all-inclusive, etc) or it’s free we love the idea of “getting our money’s worth”.

Which is all fine.

Everyone can do and eat what they like.

But, perhaps, it’s worth further thought?

Especially if it’s leading us to a body we don’t like the look and feel of.

If I offered to pay you £20 to gain five pounds of fat in a week, would you take it?

I assume not.

But gaining those five pounds to “get out money’s worth” is much more “normal”.

Spending an extra £3 to save £2 on something we hadn’t even intended to get when we went into the shop doesn’t really make sense.

As always, we would never dream to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t eat or spend their hard earned money on.

But if ‘savings’ and ‘value’ have led us down a path we’d rather not be on…………..

Maybe it’s worth questioning that?

Much love,

Jon ‘wise’ Hall and Matt ‘Lane’ Nicholson

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