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When I started these ‘Lessons from getting sued’ blogs I intended to do a full week’s worth.

Five of them.

But, I’ll be honest, I couldn’t think of a fifth.

Racked the old brain for something I could draw from it.

Which was mildly irritating to begin with.

Until I realised that five was a cursory value that I had placed on it myself.

The real value is the number of actual lessons I could extract from the situation that might interest you, dear reader.

Not something that ‘fit’ into something else.

It’s human nature though.

To place some cursory value on something.

Which can then impact our decisions going forward.

Often for the worse.

Can’t make three sessions a week?

And, therefore, end up doing none?

Who died and made three the magic number (apart from De La Soul)?

One is still worth doing.

From both the actual psychical benefits it elicits.

And, perhaps, more importantly, from the fact it stops us stopping (check if you still need to get ‘restarted’ come January).

It’s just ye olde “slow down and speed up as circumstance dictates”.

Can’t do a full 45 minute workout with equipment?

And decide a minute each of squats, crunches and press ups in front of the TV isn’t worth doing?

Says who?

Not the actual research, that’s for sure.

Eat or drink a bit excessively at some point…………….

And decide that means the rest of the 160+ hours in the week aren’t salvageable and should be ‘written off’?

Where did that calculation come from?

As a species we like to give things numbers and make them ‘fit’.

And that’s nice if it can happen, sure.

But, if it can’t, the next best thing (or the one after that) is more than fine 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘Party of’ Hall and Matt ‘Everybody get up’ Nicholson

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