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At The Academy, we quite like the term ‘done for you’.


We try and make as much of this process of getting fitter, slimmer and healthier as ‘done for you’ as possible.


The exercise side particularly so.


You just need to turn up for the sessions, we’ll tell you what’s involved (and how to adjust and adapt according to fitness levels, injuries, etc) and you do it (with direction and advice as you go).


People often want the food side to be more like that.


“Just tell me what to eat and I’ll do it” they may say.


The thing is though, they probably won’t.


After approaching 17 years in this industry I can’t think of anyone who’s permanently followed a ‘prescribed’ meal plan.


Some do for a while, until, for whatever reason they ‘fall of the wagon’ and go back to old habits.


I know I’ve never been able to religiously follow a meal plan.


So I don’t know why I should expect anyone else to.


And, chances are, most people coming to us, have tried some form of meal plan in the past.


And that hasn’t been an approach that’s worked for them long term.


I could give you a meal plan, of course.


But would it be much better than one you could get for free via Google.


You could Google ‘calculate my calorie requirements’, use a free online calculator to give you a roughly accurate number, then Google ‘free XX calorie per day meal plans’ or ‘free XX / 3 recipes’ and have something within minutes.


You’ve been able to do that for, what, 15 years?


Been told what to eat doesn’t work as well as been told how to exercise.


So, what does work?


From our experience, it’s giving people the tools to do it themselves.


Helping them see through the confusion and misinformation out there and understand what needs to be done to get the result they desire and to challenge habits, self limiting beliefs and the like that make doing this harder (these blogs, our daily members only videos, the Learn section of our app, conversations with coaches and more).


Give them a way to plan their own meals around personal preferences, day by day variations to work round and so on (our 1,000+ meal planner system with ingredients, photos, video demonstrations and more).


A way to track what they are doing and how it compares to what needs to happen (MyFitnessPal innit).


You don’t need to be told what to eat.


If you’re reading these emails, I’m fairly confident your not someone for who that’s the answer.


I don’t really know who it is the answer for, to be honest.


Professional athletes maybe?


You needs clarity on what to do and how to implement it in your already busy and challenging lives and systems to plan and / or track it where necessary.


And that’s what we do 🙂


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Take this as a gentle nudge to try them if you’re anything less than 100% happy with your results at the moment.


Much love,


Jon ‘sop’ Hall and Matt ‘sworth’ Nicholson


P.S. Go on then – two bonus ninja points for those middle names 🙂



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