It would need a GPE surplus

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Who remembers GCSE (or O Level of course) physics?


The different forms of energy?


They can be divided into two categories – kinetic and potential.


Movement and stored.


Gravitational Potential Energy (GPE) is the energy that becomes stored (in us or something else) as we get further away from a source of gravity – higher up on earth usually.


We climb a diving board and we have more GPE stored in us.


We jump off and it turns into the kinetic energy of our downwards movement.


————– I hope you haven’t fallen asleep yet —————


When we climb a hill we have to increase the amount of GPE in us.


No way round that.


We either need to create a surplus of GPE or overcome a deficit of it, depending on how we chose to look at it.


Now, we can pick our own route up that hill.


There’s probably loads of ways.


Some will be straight up – the quickest but hardest overcoming of that deficit.


Some will be more winding.


Some will involved going up, then down, then up some more, down a bit and up again.


To get around certain challenges on the way.


GPE will go up, then down, then up again and so on.


But the average direction will need to be up.


Or we’ll never make the top of that hill.


You can’t get to the top a hill without overcoming a GPE deficit.


I’m sure you’ve seen the parallel here.


To change our bodies we need to overcome a deficit of some sort.


Or create a surplus depending on which way we look at it.


An average deficit of calories or of certain food choices.


A surplus of workouts and rest (compared to before).


It won’t always be a straight line up that hill.


Sometimes we’ll be going down when we want to go up.


But we just need to keep adjusting course.


Don’t just slide back the the bottom and start again next month.


Keep working, gradually, up.


Slowly overcoming that deficit.


Till we get there 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘Chemical’ Hall and Matt ‘Electrical’ Nicholson


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