It’s a habit – Lessons from 1,500 blogs #4

A second reason Fit(or other)Pros give up on blogging is it’s hard to start with.

Not just the writing itself.

But the creation of the website.

Learning how to use emailing and post scheduling software.

Those first few blogs are disproportionately hard and time consuming.

For little benefit.

After 1,500 I can bang them out in a fraction of the time.

Probably actually only took about 50 at most before it became relatively comfortable.

Still requires the actual effort of doing them.

But it’s very much a habit now.

Exercise and eating better is much the same.

A pain in the arse to start.

Those first five workouts or new food choices are relatively hard.

Buying new workout gear or cooking stuff.

Learning new movements, exercises, terminology, food planning and sourcing methods, recipes and more.

All disproportionately confusing, hard and time consuming.

For little benefit.

You don’t look much different, if at all, after five workouts or better meals.

Maybe feel a bit better but it’s been a low ROI thus far.

But each subsequent one will be a little easier.

You’ll have got the hardest ones ever done.

Unless you completely stop and restart at a later date – that’ll be equally hard.

But by the time you get to 50 (or less) it’ll be relatively comfortable.

Long before 1,500 it’ll have just become a habit you barely even think about.

If you’ve already started, you’ve got the hardest ones out of the way – it’ll get easier each time, on average.

If you haven’t got (re)started, the hit reply, we’ve got a couple of places left on the February programme if you want some more information?

Much love,

Jon ‘Nun’ Hall and Matt ‘Bad’ Nicholson

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Jon Hall

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