“It’s extortionate”

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We’ve mentioned before about members leaving.

We’re honest like that, remember?

Even though our retention is good, people do move on, for a variety of reasons.

We won’t pretend otherwise.

I got a cancellation request though recently from a couple who’d just joined.

Amongst the comments was “It’s extortionate”.

Which took me back a little.

When we first opened, people always commented on the cost.

Which we understood.

It was something different and people didn’t quite know what they we’re getting for their money.

When people realised that it was actually amazing value (even if we do say so ourselves)………..

That, when making a fairer comparison to seeing a 1:1 Trainer 3+ times a week, it was actually way cheaper………..

That, for a pound or so more per day than a gym, they were likely to stop going backwards and actually make huge, life changing progress……..

The cost comments completely stopped.

Sure, people might decide it’s more than they can justify, or be happy with a cheaper option.

But it’s been a good 3 or 4 years since anyone had said they thought it was expensive.

To my mind, that’s like saying a house is expensive as it costs more than a tent.

You get what you pay for.

We know that what we charge costs more than a gym.

And if we could make it cheaper and keep the place going, we would.

We don’t have the advantage that a gym does where only 20% of the members go regularly.

And the other 80% essentially subsidise it for them.

## Imagine if all 3,500 of the local GloboGym tried to go 3+ times a week. 10,500+ member visits. Gym’s open 101.5 hours per week. Average of 103 people in every hour. More like 200 at peak times. How many parking spaces and bits of equipment do they have again? ##

And 95% of the members aren’t achieving and maintaining the result they joined for.

So, if you’re already a ninja, we hope you’re happy with your investment?

Let us know if you’re not, rather than just cancelling?

There’s probably bits of your membership you’re not using – we know, from experience, it never feels like a saving we want to make when we’re getting amazing results!

If you (or a friend) are ready to invest an extra pound something a day in yourself, you know what to do –> www.theacademygtc.co.uk/briefing-meeting.

Much love,

Jon ‘Slightly surprised what came up when I googled ‘Torsion’ for a middle name ideas’ Hall and Matt ‘Wince’ Nicholson

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