It’s like flicking further back in the Sudoku book

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Who likes SuDoku?

I remember when it ‘came out’ in, I want to say 2003, everyone was playing it.

If you’re not familiar, you start with a three by three grid with each square broken down into a further three by three.

There are some numbers already there.

Each row, column and ‘square’ have the number 1 to 9 in once.

And you have to figure out where all the numbers go.

Imagine you were playing it for the first time.

And you weren’t really getting anywhere.

What would you do?

I can suggest one thing that you probably wouldn’t do.

Flick to the back of the book and have a go and the bigger, even harder ones.

Like those bad boys that have a 5 by 5 grid with each square broken down into a further 5 by 5 and using the letters A to Y.

Or Samurai Sudoku which uses 5 of the ‘basic’ grids with four in the corners of a centre one.

You probably wouldn’t do that, would you?

Master the basics first.

Maybe even drop to one of the 3 by 3 ones until you’d got the hang of it.

Move up through more complex and challenging versions only when you’d got the hang of the previous ones, I would imagine.

But we don’t always do this with other aspects of life do we?

We often search for the “best” approach to lose weight and get fit.

Google the training and nutrition plans of mega lean fitness models or professional athletes.

Follow people on Instagram who spend two hours a day in the gym and eat about 5 different foods on repeat.

And there’s nothing wrong, of course, with moving to more ‘advanced’ approached over time.

But we need to get the basics at least somewhat mastered first.

Some sort of exercise we enjoy sufficiently a few times a week and an average calorie deficit is a good starting place to build from.

And if we’re struggling with them, work on why that is.

Look at the ‘brakes’ that are holding us back.

Work on those limiting beliefs and mindsets.

The habits we run on auto pilot which, perhaps, don’t serve us best.

Just like flicking to the harder versions of SuDoku won’t help us……………

Complicated, time consuming and hard to follow ‘advanced’ training and nutrition plans aren’t the answer for most.

If you’re struggling, flick forwards on the ‘book’ (if you haven’t started yet or have given up on your last book, check out

If you’re fine with what you’re doing, you can either carry on like that or start slowly flicking further back.

Much love,

Jon ‘Sue’ Hall and Matt ‘Gillian’ Nicholson

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