It’s like food, but less filling

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You may have noticed I didn’t mention any drink ‘swaps’ in yesterdays blog.

I’ll wait while you go back and read it, if you like……………….





You done?

I felt they were deserving of their own blog.

And, you know, banging out these bad boys every weekday for approaching seven years ain’t easy!

But, yeah, drinks.

Worth a separate mention.

Probably the easiest way to drop a fair proportion of a our calories for very little difference elsewhere.

Some drinks have the calories of a meal.

Hence the “It’s like food, but less filling” title.

Whenever we used to go for a curry at my former Father in-laws’ he’d serve me a pint glass of mango lasi.

Tasty as it was, as soon as I realised it was over 400 calories, I stopped saying “Yes” to it.

Swapping “full fat” soft drinks for diet ones can shave off a fair amount of energy in and, until there are any large, repeatable, peer reviewed studies that actually show aspartame (in the levels we might, realistically, consume) to be bad for us, I’m willing to take my chances.

A Starbucks Double Chocolatly Chip Frappuccino has 670 calories whilst and Americano has 15.

10 pints of beer has 2,000+ calories whilst 10 double gins and slimline mixer has about half that.

Changing your Nescafe Latte sachet to a plain black coffee will save 160,600 calories over a year of having four a day – 3 1/14 stones of fat, all else being equal.

And so on.

There may be some level of difference in how much we enjoy those two drinks.

But enough to justify that?

If we’re going to drink our calories, we have to have a disproportionate amount of food less.

Or get fatter.

Much love,

Jon ‘That and that’s the way it is’ Hall and Matt ‘Run DMC’ Nicholson

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