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We had a bit of a clear out of kids clothes at home recently.

Put it on Facebay for a pound or two each.

Then anything thag didn’t sell, we dropped off at the Sue Ryder charity shop in Macc.

There was some good stuff in there.

Someone will get a good deal should they buy it.

You can get a lot for your money shopping at a charity shop, of course.

Your money will, generally, go further than it would at most High Street stores.

You can still overspend there, it’s just ‘harder’ to do.

And you can still underspend at, say, Harrods.

Just ‘harder’ to do.

And food is much the same.

You could end up in a calorie surplus and gain weight just eating white fish and broccoli.

But it would be hard.

You could be in a calorie deficit and lose weight just eating sweets or ice cream.

But it would be hard.

And you can, essentially, ‘increase your income’ through exercise.

But that’s way less effective than we often realise and I would, personally, have as the ‘bonus’ rather than factoring it into our ‘budget’.

Opposite ends of the ‘spectrum’ of course, those two ways of eating.

Much like a charity shop and Harrods (from a cost perspective at least).

There’s plenty of other combinations in between.

Like with our finances, we have a ‘budget’.

An amount we can ‘spend’ before going into ‘debt’.

Spend it how you like.

If / when you overspend, it’s no big deal – just cut back a bit till your’re caught up 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘no Sense’ Hall and Matty ‘Curie’ Nicholson

P.S. Check if September onwards is going to be your time to ‘catch up’

P.P.S. Yesterday’s middle name – Matt lived at the Bakers Arms pub in Buxton as a youth when his Dad was the landlord there.

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