It’s like the Isle of Dogs

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I mentioned earlier this year that my wife (and our sister in law and her brother) did the London Marathon in April.

A few weeks ago we were back in London.

To see off our good friend, and original Ninja, Heather on the Clipper Round The World Yacht Race.

Four hours on, four hours off of sailing.

For 11 months (minus port stops).

Rather her than me.


Alex (my wife) was reminiscing about the different parts of London as we passed them on the Water Buses which followed the yachts out to Thames Barrier.

She remembered the exhilaration of the start.

Everyone pumped up and in great moods.

The adrenaline rush of crossing Tower Bridge.

The emotion of the last few miles, the approach to Buckingham Palace and the finish on The Mall.

And “the shit bit in the middle”.

Through Shadwell, round The Isle of Dogs and back through Shadwell, etc.

The long, slow, lonely miles.

Initial enthusiasm has waned.

The crowds have thinned.

It hurts.

Slogging away while no one’s watching through that middle bit that makes up a large part of the total distance.

A bit like our journey to a fitter, slimmer and / or healthier body.

All exciting and fun to start.

Shiny and new.

Everyone cheering us on.

Exciting as we near the final destination.

But a bit slow, painful and boring in the middle.

The bit we often struggle the most with.

Starting full of renewed enthusiasm and vigour each January (other months are available).

If we get that far, loving the final push to the body we want.


Often struggling with that boring, slow and painful middle.

No one watching.

No one cheering us on.

Just lots and lots of individual steps taken.

Or not.

A few missed steps soon becoming a few more.

Until we realise we’ve stopped completely.

And put off restarting to some future “better time”.

We get it.

It’s not always easy.

But it is always worthwhile.

The only way to get there is to keep going.

Slowing down and speeding up are fine.

It’s the stopping that gets us!

——————– It’s if you want to get restarted. This time for keeps —————–

Much love,

Jon ‘Be there for you’ Hall and Matt ‘Wight’ Nicholson

P.S. We did actually see her six times en route, but only once in that middle bit as it’s really hard to get to and I had the four kids with me – that was probably as hard as running the marathon itself 😉

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