It’s not an exam

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Remember when you were at school?


And you go an exam grade that you weren’t quite happy with?


It was a D / C / B / A rather than the C / B / A / A* you’d hoped for.


————- Or a number as I believe is all the rage nowadays 😉 ———-


Thing is though, you couldn’t really object.


There would’ve been clear marks needed to get each grade.


40, 50, 60 or 70% or something like that.


So we just hadn’t got the mark needed.


Maybe failed.


You can fail an exam.


You can’t fail your eating though really can you?


Eating isn’t like an exam, to be passed or failed.


It’s more like coursework.


An ongoing thing.


Ideally you stay on track with it.


But you can fall behind and then catch up.


Or even get ahead.


You don’t screw up your coursework and throw it in the bin the second you’re a little behind, do you?


So we don’t need to do the equivalent with our eating do we?


Get ahead if you can.


And accept that when you’ve fallen behind, it’s just now time to catch up.


There is no point at this weekend where you can possibly say you’ve ‘failed’ with your eating and, rationally, justify, ‘writing it off’.


Eat how you like, of course.


But remember, it’s more like coursework and it’s not an exam.


Much love,


Jon ‘Xzibit’ Hall and Matt ‘Gonna Give it to Ya’ Nicholson



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