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It’s been a rather wet summer, hasn’t it?

Little need for watering the garden.

I did have to get the hosepipe out the other day though.

To clear out a load of gunk from a drainage pipe.

It’s one of those that winds up onto a ‘wheel’.

I pulled it out and turned it on…………

And nothing happened!

It was (as you probably guessed from both the blog title and it being pretty obvious) because of some kinks in the hose.

Turning the tap more may, at most, have caused a slight trickle to come through.

But that’s clearly not the answer.

I pulled it all the way out, undid the kinks and, lo and behold, the water came flooding out when I put the tap back on.

Obvious, I know.

As is the parallel, I’m sure.

It’s the getting the ‘kinks’ out of our lives, rather than just ‘turning the pressure up’.

‘Trying harder’ (and nothing else changing) at something we’ve tried before rarely works, long term.

Because we were probably trying before.

Turning the pressure up will probably just lead to something ‘bursting’.

We need to get some, if not all, of those kinks out.

The things that made it all harder than it had to be.

The mindsets, habits and self limiting beliefs.

Some of all the other stuff going on in our lives which, perhaps, isn’t all needed.

If your tap is on, but you’re struggling to get the water out of the other end…………

Turning the pressure up probably isn’t the answer.

Work out where some of those kinks are (we’ve made our reputation on helping people get those out, if you’re fed up of just being given workouts and meal plans to follow that you hate and struggle to stick to –>

And do your best to undo them.

Let the results your desire start to ‘flow’.

Much love,

Jon ‘You really got me’ Hall and Matt ‘Lola’ Nicholson

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