“I’ve spent too much today”

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Imagine you’re sat on the sofa at night.

Your other half (other family members or friends are available) is on their phone / tablet.

You see they keep entering their card details so you enquire as to what they’re up to.

“I’ve spent too much money today so I’m spending some more” they reply.

Confused, you ask them what they mean.

“I wasn’t going to spend much today, but then it all went a bit wrong so I may as well write it off and spend even more”.

“Plus, I thought I was going to get chance to earn some more after work, but I couldn’t make that.”

What an odd way of seeing it you would probably think.

But, it’s a cultural norm to do the same with our food.

So ‘normal’ that we struggle to see the actual lack of logic in it.

Or lack thereof.

“I was going to eat well today, but I didn’t. So, sod it, I may as well have those biscuits, that cake, etc”.

“I missed my workout, so what’s the point? I might as well have this”.

Seems quite normal, doesn’t it?

Makes no sense when we really stop and think, does it?

The exact opposite makes sense in reality.

But, we’re just so used to hearing it, it seems ‘normal’.

But, when ‘normal’ is getting fatter, sicker and less happy with their live and body on a daily basis…………

Who wants to be ‘normal’?

Ultimately, we can do whatever we like.

Make our own choices.

But, let’s not forget that, just like spending more money because we’ve spent too much money makes zero sense………..

Eating more / worse because we’ve eaten too much / badly doesn’t either!

Much love,

Jon ‘Up’ Hall and Matt ‘Conviction’ Nicholson

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