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We’ve mentioned many times in these blogs about the benefit of tracking our food and drink for a handful of days.

Often the answer to questions like “What do I need to do?” and “Why aren’t I losing weight?” jump out of the page / screen when we do.

We get that it’s a bit of a pain.

A worthwhile pain we reckon.

Way more beneficial than spending the same amount of time on an extra workout.

But it can be tricky and inconvenient.

Especially with stuff we make ourselves.


If it feels too much……….

Maybe just try tracking these things:

1. Drinks

2. Snacks

Chances are that these things are fairly easy to track.

Possibly have a barcode on the side you can scan.

If not, will have likely been entered by someone else on the app.

Probably in fairly set amounts you can determine by looking at the label or glass / cup size.

We’ve mentioned before that gaining a stone per year is only 7% over-eating for an average sized person.

Chances are the drinks and snacks come to more than this.

Doesn’t mean you need to stop these of course.

But maybe a few tactical swaps or change in amount and / or frequency could be the difference maker.

And knowing what they contribute can be a valuable first step to deciding what changes to make there.

Much love,

Jon ‘Suit’ Hall and Matt ‘and Field’ Nicholson

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