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The family and I moved house coming up for 2 years ago.

Just from one part of Macc to another into a bigger house after we had child number four.

We were torn between two options.

The one we’re in now which was immaculate and needed nothing doing.

And one that had huge potential but needed a lot of work and was right at the limit of our budget, meaning we’d not be able to do much of the work for years.

I’m glad we chose this one.

Because my wife has already started finding things that “need doing” in the house that ‘needed nothing doing’.

She’s right though.

Just little things like paint touch ups that were last done 10 years ago and are already noticibly different from when we moved in.

Not a noticable change day to day.

Or even month to month.

But slowly adds up.

And needs keeping on top of.

Like our food intake.

Because it’s easy to creep back in the wrong direction.

If we’re in a 365 calorie a day deficit (losing a pound of fat ever 9.5 days)……….

And we increase our total daily intake by just one calorie per day………..

We’re on maintenance within a year.

More realistically for most, we start with a big deficit…………..

Lets say 1,000 calories per day.

And let’s say we increase by a still barely noticable 10 calories per day.

We go from losing 2lbs of fat per week.

To hitting maintenance after 3 months and then moving into weight gain.

Not even factoring in the changes to energy requirements covered yesterday.

We do that for a whole year and we’ve gained a few stone from our start position.

30 cals and we’ll have doubled in body weight in that year.

Now, realistically, that won’t happen for most people.

We’ll increase, but not by the same amount every day and not to that total, cumulative point.

But it gives you the basic idea, doesn’t it?

You don’t need to obsess over the numbers (check if you’d like the sound of an approach that helps you understand what to do but gives you the flexibility on how to do it).

But it’s something to bare in mind.

The majority of the answer to “I’m eating the same but have stopped losing weight” is;

1. The goal posts have moved (see yesterday)

And / or

2. You’re not eating the same

Much love,

Jon ‘Flooded basement last week 🙁 ‘ Hall and Matt ‘Bingo’ Nicholson

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