Lessons from getting sued #1 – We all don’t think we will until we do

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Two years ago I was opening the post at The Academy.

And one of the letters made me stop in my tracks.

From a solicitor.

A former member wanting to sue me.

I’d done pretty well to make 15 1/2 years (at that point) without it happening before to be honest.

As they’ve realised there’s no case and everything has been dropped, I can now talk about it.

And get some parallels for these blogs ๐Ÿ™‚

Which is what this week’s blogs will be.

The injury didn’t happen in the club.

It was on a trip I’d organised to Total Ninja (a Ninja Warrior styled indoor obstacle course facility in Manchester).

As part of a side programme focusing on training to improve at that kind of thing.

An unfortunate landing coming off a low beam caused a nasty knee injury.

And, with it, time off work, loss of income and other inconveniences.

Which, for them, is crap.

I get it.

I wouldn’t have been happy if it had happened to me.

But, as the organiser of a trip there, was that my fault?

Of course not.

If someone falls over at our Christmas Do this Friday, that’s not on us (unless we actually do something to cause that, I suppose).

I’d just organised the trip and provided a score sheet to grade what people could currently do so they could track progress next time we went.

So, I wasn’t particularity concerned after reading the letter.

The few people I did tell about it at the time (wife, etc) were annoyed for me.

But, I get it.

None of us think we’ll try and sue someone unfairly.

Until we find ourselves in that position.

And realise that someone else’s insurance policy may be able to help out in that difficult time we’re going through.

Like we don’t think we’re going to have that cake or biscuits at work, those last few drinks, the dessert and the take out on the way home or ice cream when we get in.

Until we do.

There’s tonnes of research that shows we are much more affected by our environment and circumstance than we might like to think.

When left, under test conditions, with infinite food out on display, nearly everyone overeats.

When the food is harder to get at we, at least, eat less.

Most people don’t achieve their health and fitness goals by using willpower alone to ‘stop themselves’.

They minimise their exposure in the first place.

Tweak their environment.

Have in stock less (or no) stuff that’s really easy to over do.

Or, at least, have it less “on display”.

Biscuits or cake out on the side at home or work?

They’re going to get eaten.

Hidden in a cupboard or only enough bought at the time for specific circumstances, and we’re pretty likely to eat a lot less.

Pre-order (or, at least, choose) our meal before we go out and it’ll probably be a ‘better’ choice then we’d make when our nose is filled with delicious smells and our friends are ordering everything under the sun.

Take a different route that bypasses the take out, do our weekly food shop online rather than in store and so on.

Ultimately, we all like to think we will / won’t / can’t.

Until we do.

Make the ‘better’ choice easier.

The ‘less good’ choice harder.

And it’ll make more of a difference than we’d imagine.

Much love,

Jon ‘Rock You’ Hall and Matt ‘Call you back’ Nicholson

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