LFGS #2- Emotion makes a mockery of memory

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In case you didn’t read yesterday’s blog (why would you do such a thing?), I had someone try and sue me two years ago.

No biggie – I wasn’t remotely liable for what happened.

Although, if you read the first letter I received, you might have though otherwise.

The version of events outlined in that letter from the solicitor didn’t paint me, and the events of that day, in the best of lights.

But it was fine – most of it wasn’t what actually happened.

Again, others were annoyed for me.

But, again, I get it.

Were they purposefully lying?

I wouldn’t have thought so.

Our memories are rarely quite as good as we’d like to think.

Particularly under circumstances of high emotion.

The pain of the injury and the frustrations that followed will, I’m sure have (at the very least) leant a different perspective to those recollections.

And we’re often the same with out eating.

After a big night out, we try and recall what we consumed.

We were having great fun.

How many drinks did we have again?

How big was that meal?

Research shows that we massively under recall what we consumed.

In general, but particularly at fun and exciting social events.

So, what’s the answer?

Bit of damage limitation.

A few ‘better’ choices on the night.

But, also, remember that we’re probably going to massively under recall what happened.

Factor that in to what happens in the preceding and ensuing days.

Combination of the two and we can still be good ๐Ÿ™‚

Much love,

Jon ‘ingjay’ Hall and Matt ‘umentary’ Nicholson

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