Little known weight loss exercise……….

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Have you seen some ads like this recently?

“Little known weight loss exercise”

“Number one magic exercise to torch belly fat”

“Secret fat burning exercise the celebs use”

And the like.

Generally nonsense when you click on them.

There is one little know thing about exercising for weight loss that you will benefit from knowing.

One that most FitPros won’t tell you.

Because they don’t know or think it will put you off using their services.

Because their services are only exercise (check if you want a full programme that helps with all aspects of that health, fitness and weight loss journey).

It’s that……………

Exercise is rubbish for weight loss!

Sure, it can help.

But you can exercise for hours every day and, if you’re eating doesn’t support it, you won’t lose weight.

You’ll gain it even.

And you can, of course, lose weight just by changing eating, whilst doing no exercise.

Exercise can be part of the equation, of course.

If the combination of that and the changes to the eating create that calorie deficit, then that’s great.

But, the food would probably be the bigger part of that.

A quick google just found this gem of weight loss advice:

“According to REDACTED if you weigh 155 lbs and do burpees nonstop for one hour you can burn more than 563 calories.”

Burpees nonstop for an hour?

No thanks.

And, realistically, most of us wouldn’t go at a non stop pace so would burn, maybe, half that.

You can shave off 563 (or half that) calories waaaayyyyyy more easily with a few tactical food swaps and trimming of portions.

I’d even go so far as to say you might benefit from dropping any thoughts about exercising for weight loss.

When I’m looking to drop a few pounds (like I am post Christmas) I don’t do any more exercise, I just pay more attention to what I’m eating (and drinking).

If we look at eating better for weight loss and exercising for improved fitness, health, focus, mental health, strength, flexibility, energy levels, sex drive, pain levels and more…………..

Then we probably stand a better chance of losing weight.

The exercise can then be the ‘bonus’ extra weight loss.

Much love,

Jon ‘Little donkey’ Hall and Matt ‘Little shop of horrors’ Nicholson

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