Never more than four miles

As I mentioned yesterday, my good wife is running the London marathon in April

She did a half marathon distance run the other day with ninja Kerry who’s also doing the marathon.

Afterwards Kerry sent Alex a link about a running method.

Where you start from home and run in one direction for four miles and then back.

Then in another direction and back for three miles.

Than a two and a one.

Adds up to 20 miles in total (or you could start at the three for twelve in total).

But you’re never more than four miles from home.

And each ‘leg’ is progressively shorter.

Psychologically it feels much more ‘doable’ doesn’t it?

More so than “going for a twenty mile run”.

Even though it’s the same.

Phrasing things in a way we find more doable is always a good plan.

If we struggle with the size of our weight loss ahead of us, we can just break it down into chunks.

Losing 20lbs seem to much?

Lose 1lb.

Then do it again.

And again up to, eventually, the 20.

Or 50 or 100, as applicable.

The hundreds of ‘better’ food choices and workouts that are between you and your goal feel like a mountain?

Just do your next workout.

Make the next food choice better.

Then do it again.

And so on.

Phrase it all however feels most doable.

For you.

Much love,

Jon ‘Here’s her sponsorship link if you’d be so kind, it’s for a great cause (helping young people who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged) –>‘ Hall and Matt ‘Go on then, here’s the briefing meeting link too –>‘ Nicholson

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